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Discover our collection of accessories Les Âmes Sauvages, Artisanal Soapmakers in the Cevennes. Practical and responsible, they are designed to maintain and take your solid soaps everywhere with you. Adopt a zero waste vision, even in your bathroom, with our accessories for solid soaps.

Why care for solid soap with our collection of solid soap accessories?

Properly storing your cold process soap allows you to use it longer, while keeping all of its properties intact. In this sense, using the right accessories helps to take care of your handmade soap. This is why Les mes Sauvages offers you different perforated soap dishes, allowing water to drain and soap to dry properly. Designed by local artisans, each piece is unique. Made of loofah or walnut, you choose according to your affinity with materials or simply for its aesthetic side. To take your natural soap with you on a trip, choose a soap box, a soap bag or a soap pouch. These accessories will ensure that you don't lose a single crumb of your favorite soap.

Maximize the effectiveness of your skin care routine with our exfoliation accessories

To help you with your daily hygiene routine, we've designed several face sponges. Fine sea sponge or konjac face sponge, they gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Natural and 100% biodegradable, they fit perfectly in a responsible bathroom and concerned about its environmental impact. Artisan soap makers in the Cevennes, we take care to select noble and environmentally friendly materials.

Solid soap holder, soap box, soap pouch or face sponge, it is here that you will find all the soap accessories you need!

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Accessories made by French artisans, in the heart of the Cevennes

At Les Âmes Sauvages, we like to work closely with local artisans. Several of our soap dishes were made by Michel Oziol, a woodturner from Vialas in the Cevennes. This is why many of our products are limited editions. Handcrafted and sanded by hand, each soap dish is a refined and unique piece, made in small series.

Noble materials

Untreated linen bags, organic cotton fabric, biodegradable loofah soap dishes, or chemically untreated walnut soap dishes: we attach great importance to the choice of our raw materials.

Les Âmes Sauvages, Artisanal Soapmakers in the Cevennes

Our artisanal soap factory has a family know-how, acquired over the last 10 years. We work in our workshop to offer you the most sustainable and eco-responsible products possible. Moreover, all our raw materials come from organic and/or sustainable agriculture.
Our products are simple, effective and environmentally friendly. All our accessories are designed by craftsmen and then tested and controlled in a laboratory.

Our products are therefore free of parabens, EDTA, mineral oil, synthetic perfume, etc.
Fabrication artisanale dans les Cévennes
All products are made by us, in our soap factory, located in south of France.
Labellisés Cosmébio et Slow Cosmétique
The environmental issue is our priority. Our raw materials come from sustainable agriculture.
Livraison gratuite dès 60€ d’achat
To ensure fast delivery, all orders are processed and delivered in 3-4 days (French metropolitan territory).
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