Apis Mellifera


Ointment with chestnut honey
Voluptuous, effective and honeyed, Apis Mellifera deeply restores the skin. Chestnut honey, raw wax, vegetable oils, chamomile extract; simple, noble, original ointment. Like the Apis Mellifera. Half a hazelnut (wild) is enough to moisturize, nourish and sanitize any sensitized area of the body or face.



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Organic hemp and oleic sunflower oils, organic chestnut honey, organic beeswax, bisabolol, vitamin E.
Helianthus Annuus Hybrid Oil, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Cera Alba, Mel, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Bisabolol.

Apis Mellifera Fabrication artisanale

"There is nothing like a soul like a bee. It goes from flower to flower like a soul from star to star, and it brings back the honey like the soul brings back the light."
Victor Hugo, Ninety-Three

In its small amber glass jar, Apis Mellifera reconstitutes its precious universe of honey, wax, simple and powerful nectars of hemp, sunflower and chamomile, to help restore your skin:

Chestnut honey has antiseptic virtues but also nourishing, repairing and moisturizing; in short, it is the universal friend.
Beeswax retains moisture without being occlusive, repairs and cleanses. Organic and unbleached, it still contains a few traces of pollen and propolis, and that's good!
Oleic sunflower oil has similar properties to olive oil, while being lighter. The ointment gains in speed of absorption.
Hemp oil, with its non-greasy feel, has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
Bisabolol, a component of chamomile, repairs, cleanses and soothes.
Vitamin E prevents the oxidation of the ointment but is present in greater quantities to participate in cell renewal.

And it smells like honey (with a herbaceous background, thanks to the hemp!).

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Les Âmes Sauvages are simple, effective and environmentally friendly hygiene products. Soaps, candles, body, face and beard care are handmade in our workshop in South of France.
Our French know-how has been acquired over the last 10 years, during which we have tested a good number of confections in order to offer quality products.

The soap factory
Our products are therefore free of parabens, EDTA, mineral oil, synthetic perfume, etc.
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All products are made by us, in our soap factory, located in south of France.
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The environmental issue is our priority. Our raw materials come from sustainable agriculture.
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