Discover Les Âmes Sauvages, artisanal soap factory in the Cévennes National Park


The history of the soap factory

The soap factory opened very late 2018 in a small workshop in Pont de Rastel. The objective, to formulate and manufacture simple, effective and respectful hygiene products. To do this, it is necessary that we master the entire manufacturing process, from the development of formulas, the choice of raw materials and suppliers, manufacturing, packaging and marketing.

The philosophy of an artisan company

Our conception of a simple and respectful product begins in this association: co-managers in a limited liability company, no voice carries more than the other and we make sure to be both complementary and interchangeable. In the same way, we try not to disturb too much the nature which surrounds us by following three essential principles : the respect of materials, the effectiveness of the compositions, the safety of the products.

The respect of materials

Our cold or low temperature manufacturing processes preserve the quality of the raw materials used. They respect both
the materials used and those who produce them. They are noble and require a lot of work. We favor the origin of local raw
materials, organic and/or reasoned and without palm oil.
Materials produced locally or from organic and/or sustainable agriculture.
Palm oil free
For ethical reasons we make sure that no palm oil (even organic) or palm oil derivatives are used in the design of our
products and in the purchase of our raw materials.

Efficiency of the compositions

If you look at our products’ composition (what is written in small, the INCI), you will see only what you need!We elaborate their compositions according to what you need to have an effective product. And nature allows us to combine the useful with the pleasant without cheating with substances that are of no use to you.

For example, the glycerin naturally present in all our soaps is a humectant that keeps the skin hydrated. With the surgras and unsaponifiables (which respect the hydrolipidic balance of the skin, with vitamins and minerals), cold process soap can be considered as a real care. It is the same with our products which preserve the properties of the raw products.

Our products are therefore free of parabens, EDTA, mineral oil, synthetic perfume, etc. However, they are sensorial and combine care and pleasure.

Product safety

Offering natural products is not enough. Each of our products has undergone a battery of tests. These tests, as well as the tests undergone by the raw materials we use, are never carried out on animals, in accordance with the regulations in force. The only guinea pigs used are humans, who happen to be our friends.  And since they still are, we can assume that our products are worth trying.
All materials used are controlled by us
We include a long testing phase in our research and development, in order to propose an optimal final product
Each product is controlled by an independent certified laboratory in order to validate its formulation before being put on the market.
Each formulation is registered with the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal), the European cosmetics notification.
We are audited on site every year by Cosmécert to certify the validity of the Cosmos Organic label.
Our products are therefore free of parabens, EDTA, mineral oil, synthetic perfume, etc.
Fabrication artisanale dans les Cévennes
All products are made by us, in our soap factory, located in south of France.
Labellisés Cosmébio et Slow Cosmétique
The environmental issue is our priority. Our raw materials come from sustainable agriculture.
Livraison gratuite dès 60€ d’achat
To ensure fast delivery, all orders are processed and delivered in 3-4 days (French metropolitan territory).
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