Warbler oil


Multi-purpose oil, soothing and fruity

Warbler is light and airy, with a sweet rose and raspberry scent and a fluid, dry texture. The benefits of safflower oil soothe sensitive skin prone to redness and irritation.


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Organic safflower, sesame and sunflower oils, natural fragrance without allergens, vitamin E.
Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Parfum, Tocopherol.

Warbler oil Fabrication artisanale

Warbler, the small passerine, enjoys the nectar of some flowers. A way to regain energy, delicately.

Safflower oil unfolds on a sweet and joyful note, mixing rose and raspberry. Concentrated with vitamin K, safflower oil protects sensitive skin and promotes vasoconstriction, thus reducing redness and irritation. Rich in omega 6 and 9, as well as in vitamin E, it repairs the epidermis which makes it also a very good anti-ageing oil.

Reinforced by sesame oil (regenerating) and sunflower oil (vitamin E), the complex of vegetable oils penetrates very quickly leaving the skin supple and non-oily.

The notes of rose and raspberry come from natural isolates, without allergens, so as not to risk irritating already sensitive skin.

"The tree most exposed to the eye of the gun is not a tree for its wing. The wagtail is warned: it will be muted as it passes through it. The perch of willow snatched is at the moment yielded by the fingernail of the fugitive. But in the tuft of reeds where she lands, what cavatines! It is here that she sings. The whole world knows it. Summer, river, spaces, hidden lovers, a whole moon of water, the warbler repeats: Free, free, free, free... "
René Char, The Reed Warbler

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